Fair Share = Let your kids pay for Chorez™

Well, we’ve polished up the Chorez™ App, and we’re really excited about it. It’s a great tool on so many levels, but one of the coolest features (and one we’re most proud of) is the Fair Share™ feature.

It’s a way we developed to:

  1. Teach your kids that “life isn’t free” (does that make sense?)
  2. Recoup the cost of Chorez™ Premium by having your kid(s) absorb the cost of the app (which really isn’t that expensive in the end) in weekly “Fair Share Assessments.”
  3. Teach your kids that earnings are great, but there is a cost to doing business in your family.

So many valuable lessons are provided in this feature, and (again) it allows the parents to pass the cost of the app on to the kids … if they want to earn money (they all do!).

So, what are you waiting for? Get Chorez™ Premium, enable the Fair Share™ feature and stop nagging the kids.


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