A Mom’s Quest for Peace

Please, no more charts!

In all my years of being a mother I can’t count how many times I resolved to get my house in order with a new chore schedule. I bought poster boards, wipe boards, printed up grids and I bought stamps and stickers. I have listened to each of my kids offer up a multitude of arguments about who should do which chore (based on which was hardest or most time consuming).

There were even times where one of the kids decided they really wanted to buy something expensive and then asked for jobs around the house to earn money because there was a sale “tomorrow!” This request, and others like it, inevitably popped up during a terribly hectic week when there simply wasn’t a good time to make it happen..

As parents, we waffled between giving kids a weekly allowance and expecting them to chip in to keep the house running like any responsible person.

We finally had to admit, we were managers of our home and we were not running things very efficiently.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

What we needed was a way to motivate our kids to do chores without an emotional wrestling match. Early in our years as parents we read a book by someone who challenged parents to discipline without getting emotionally tangled up in arguments with their kids. We realized that the same principle applied to the chores around our house.

We searched and scoured, but most of the mobile apps or online systems for chores were saddled with the same frustrating aspects of our paper systems. This is when Chorez was born. We developed a system from the ground up where our kids are assigned tasks, and if they complete them as requested, there is compensation. If the chore is done poorly or ignored there is no compensation or even a deduction.  No cajoling, no nagging, no agonizing … no chasing after the kids to complete anything. It’s that simple.

It’s the economy, stupid

As we pushed through development, our 13 year old son was perpetually asking us when the Chorez app would be up and running … he couldn’t get a job and he knows we won’t just buy him whatever he wants. Chorez has him thinking about working and saving. What more could a mom ask for? The app speaks his language and solves our problems. It can do the same for you.