Fair Share – The Chorez ® “Make it Free” Feature

I won’t ever forget the first time my oldest child got his first paycheck from a “real job.” He was excited … that is until he started reading all of the fine print on his pay stub. “What’s FICA, and does this Federal and State income tax come out of every paycheck?” That $7.50 an hour job with 20 hours worked turned from a $150.00 paycheck into a much smaller paycheck pretty quickly!

“That’s just the cost of doing business,” I said. And my spunky teenager walked away dismayed at how the real world works.

When we designed Chorez ™, we started looking at operational costs – development, technology, marketing, salaries and more, we realized where the price point needed to be for the application. We figured that $24.97 annually allows us to continue operations, add features and to provide a valuable service to our customers.  Early market researched showed that $34.95 was a very viable price point, with comments like, “I’d pay double that a year to get those features,” and “I’d pay that in a heartbeat.”

Then I remembered the words I shared with my son, “That’s the cost of doing business,” and I had an idea that turned into the Fair Share ™ feature in the Chorez ™ app.

Purchasing the Chorez ™ app to help manage your family’s workload and your child’s compensation is an operational cost, and $24.97 isn’t a whole lot of money each year (about $2.08 / mo.). What if we could spread that expense out week by week, and pass that on to your child(ren) using the Chorez ™ app?  That’s just pennies a week for a single child family (even less for two children, etc. etc.). The Fair Share™ feature makes the app FREE to you!

So when the question arises, “Mom and Dad, I thought I earned $10.00 this week, why did I only get $9.66?” you can use that moment to answer with, “That’s the cost of doing business, let me tell you about how payroll works in the real world …”


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