Digital Payouts – the Secret Sauce

So, your daughter earns $13.75 this week, and she is ready for a payout. The problem is that your son is also expecting $15.50 from his completed chores, and you only have two $20.00 bills (which is rare, because you rarely ever keep much cash on hand!). Adding to the complexity, you are heading downtown to meet a friend for coffee tomorrow, and you need cash for the parking attendant (who only accepts cash). Your kids don’t have change, but they were  really counting on payday to allow them to head to the movies with friends. You do NOT want to run out to the ATM (followed by the store where you can make the change required).

What’s a parent to do?

Well in Chorez™, you can opt to pay your kids in cash (no worries!), but you also have the option to setup a direct digital transfer to your kids (which happens immediately).

Chorez™ isn’t a FINTECH (Financial Tech) company, we’re a family management platform. With this in mind, we’ve partnered with some folks in the Finance space to assure that 1) We aren’t directly handling any of your money or confidential data – we leave that to the experts in the field of finance – all transactions are secure and handled by the pros, and 2) that the process is as seamless as possible.

Finally, there’s a small fee associated with the digital banking service, but this fee (the cost of doing business) can be passed on within the Fair Share™ feature of the app, enabling your kids to absorb some or all of the expense involved in the digital transfer of funds – it’s another example of how Chorez™ enables your kids to Earn and Learn!


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