How This Mom Went Back to Work with a (very) Stale Resume

There’s something about kids and babies that will melt your heart – they can even melt it enough to make you want to leave the professional world behind for life as a stay-at-home-mom. That’s what I did. Let me tell you this: life at home with kids, managing a household, is so much more difficult than any pressure I experienced in the world of business. I know, I’ve been doing it for 17 years.

And now, I am the head of operations at a technology company. More on that later.

But my Network is SO Small!

I have, at the moment, 20 connections on LinkedIn, but I have thousands of connections with my fellow moms, dads and their progeny. And, believe me, I am so proud of my network.

So, what happens when a woman looks at her resume after 17 years out of the workplace at home with the kids?

First, she panics.

Then a little anxiety sets in.

And finally, she embraces it.

I logged into LinkedIn and added to my experience:

Keeper of the Home | The Robichau Family | Sep 2001 – Present

As head of operations for The Robichau Family, I am the one that keeps the gears oiled and the family business on track. This is at once the most rewarding and challenging career choice I could have made.

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And then, instead of retreating into my comfort zone (I’m just a mom who knows how to knock out carpooling, errands, house-work and meal prep … that’s it!), I went back to work. At least I “started” back to work.

Here’s what I did, and what you can do, too, if you have a frighteningly stale resume and a tremendous amount of resolve:

Three Steps to Getting Back in the Saddle:

  1. I focused on what I know best: I realized that I know family better than anything else right now, so I placed my focus there.
  2. I embraced by natural talents: My innate abilities are in operations, and this makes sense! Before the four kids came, I knew how to keep an office running like a finely-tuned engine. As a mom, I parlayed my natural talents into running my household.
  3. I set my sights on a goal: In my case, I was determined to help solve an “operational” problem for my family, and other families in the process. When I realized that there was no technical tool to help us adequately, my husband (technically inclined) said, “I think we can tackle that.” And, this solution has become my new job.

What is this you ask? Well my “problem” was that I struggled to raise children who consistently contributed to household work and who knew the true value of the dollar. Chores, allowance and all of that were part of our home, but keeping up with it was impossible. My thought was, “If I want the kids to understand the principles of hard work and rewards, then I would assure that X, Y and Z happened before they were paid.”

To follow-up on these principles in real life is hard, and it involves tons of nagging and chasing kids around – nobody is happy. But algorithms on paper can be enforced with technology, taking the enforcer role off of my plate. My tech-savvy husband said, “I think I can help you with this.”

A year later and we have a product with tremendous market fit, and I have a job that is exciting and pulls on my strengths as a mom and operations guru. We have been using the Chorez™ app (as we have named it) with our son for a few months now, and it’s a game changer. We even have a Chorez™ branded prepaid cash card so we can pay him without digging for dollars and change. Pain point(s) solved!

I have an exciting job with a resume that I thought was stale, but really wasn’t.

Oh, and I’m still working on my little LinkedIn network – feel free to connect. I’d love to meet you!

Learn more about the Chorez household chore management app and digital payment platform at

Christine Robichau is Head of Operations at COWALA CO. LLC, dba Chorez™. She is, and always will be, a mom-to-four and “Keeper of the Home.”


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