How This all Started …

So, how did all of this come about? Well, our family saw a problem that needed to be fixed — 1) Kid’s want money, but 2) it’s hard to keep track of household responsibilities. It wasn’t that the kids weren’t willing to do the work, or that the parents weren’t willing to follow-up on the chores that were done; it was about closing the loop in a way that was easy for both the kids and the parents.  A lot of thought went into chore systems (on paper), and how we could improve upon them, but in the end, it all came down to cumbersome checklists that were hard to verify.

“Yes, you cleaned your room, but you really should have made your bed a little more tidy,” or, “The dishwasher is loaded, but the sink isn’t rinsed out!” Chores were often done, but they were completed in haste before heading over to a friend’s house. It was a pain to check on how well things were completed at inopportune times.

As parents, we wanted a hassle free system of rewarding our children for the work that they did, but only when the work was done to the standards that we expected. We also wanted to assure that the standards we expected were absolutely clear! We realized that the easiest way to do this was digitally, but there wasn’t an suitable application out there to do what we realized was necessary … so we created one!

Chorez was born out of our new “family business” (really, a family business where the kids and parents work together to build a product that people need), Cowala Co., LLC. COWALA stands for “Cool Organization With A Lame Acronym,” but we actually think the acronym is pretty cool (in a “meta” sort of way).  We hope that our efforts to solve a problem in our own family can make your family chores a bit more “hassle free.” We would love to hear from you about your experiences with the app!


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