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Stop nagging the kids, and ....

Teach the value of quality work.

Kids need to understand that earnings are tied to a job well done! Chorez™ helps you close that loop!

Watch chores become convenient and easy!

Chorez™ helps you get rid of "chores" and offers a system of work and earnings that both you and your kids will love!

Teach the value of money.

For many kids, money is just paper (or their parents' credit cards). Chorez™ helps your kids understand the true value of a dollar!

Reward good habits!

It's not really about allowance, but about developing habits that have a lasting impact. Yep, we help with that.

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Available for the mobile platform of your choice!

Features ...

It's a chore management system, not just an app.


It will work for your family.

Alerts and Updates

We will keep you up to speed with what you need to know.

Multiple Parent Feature

Use the app on multiple devices!



All of the information you need in one place.


We help you give your kids the recognition they deserve!

... and so much more!

We care about keeping kids safe on their devices!

... so we have partnered with the best of the best.

It's daunting, but parents must remain engaged ...

So, we designed Chorez™ so the your kids can use it on your phone or iPad with their profile / PIN. However, many kids have their own devices, and that can be scary (or confusing) to parents. We have partnered with the good folks at Bark to help keep your kids safe. It's great to give your kids a mobile tool that will help them learn about fiscal responsibility, hard work etc. - but let's keep our kids safe on the "Wild Wild Web!"


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